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Positionals are focused skills practices for our U13 - U16 players and this training is included in the team fees.  U10-U12 Skill Sessions will cost $20 for each visit and those sessions are optional.

Players should attend their Primary skill group.  There are a few "tweeners" who should attend their Primary skill group and then attend their Secondary skill group occassionally.   We do not want everyone at everything.   OHs should not come to the Defenders sessions etc.


Skill sessions are OPTIONAL in the U11 and U12 age groups and are not included in your team fee.  Each session costs $20 and is paid each time you visit.  Setting sessions are not for everyone and should not be attended if setting is not an interest of yours.  Passing, Attacking, and Serving are skills everyone should work on and will be built into our "All Skills" sessions.  

U11 and U12 Setting
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4pm-5:15pm
November 12, 17, 19, 24
December 1, 3, 8, 10, 15, 17

U11 All Skills
TBD (need to get through age group practices in November)

U12 All Skills
TBD (need to get through age group practices in November)



These sessions are considered practice days and are included in your team fee. 

**High School Varsity Athletes should give themselves 1-2 weeks after season has finished before coming to positionals

Attack Group 1
Tuesdays and Thursdays,  November 12th - December 17th.
Tuesdays  5:30p-7:00pm

Attack Group 2
Tuesdays and Thursdays, November 12th - December 17th.

Attack Group 3
Tuesdays and Thursdays, November 17th - December 19th.


Defenders Group 1: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30-6:45pm 
November 12th - December 17th

Defenders Group 2: 
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-8:15pm 
November 12th - December 17th


U11 & U12 Setters  
Tuesdays and Thursdays from  4p-5:15p ($20 Fee)
November 17th - December 17th
U13 & U14 Setters 
Tuesdays and Thursdays from  6-7:15pm
November 12th - December 17th

U15 &  U16 Setters 
Tuesdays and Thursdays from  7:30-8:45pm
November 17th - December 17th



Positional Assignments

Each player in the U13 - U16 age group has an assigned positional group listed below.  Additional players in the U17 and U18 age groups who are new to the club are also invited to attend.  Simply email us to see where we can fit you in.

Players should attend Positionals according to the chart below.  Some players are listed in multiple groups because they are "tweeners".  Those players can decide which position to attend each Tuesday and Thursday but should only attend 2 Positionals a week like everyone else. 

Attack Group 1

Hannah Drach St. Susanna
Sydney Geselbracht St Columban
Madison Kyle Lebanon Junior High
Ava Long Lebanon
Cara Richter Smoy
Sophie Davis Bellbrook Middle School
Etellina Jackson St James
Ava McIntyre Kings Junior High
Addison Nutley Mason Middle School
Sidney Sprada Brookville
Ella Anderson Mason Middle School
Emma Bowman St John XXIII
Anna Beerman St.Susanna
Natalie Kraft Chca
Maddie Thompson St. Andrews Milford
Blaire Blomeke Mason
Delaney Clay Springboro JH
Lauren Littlejohn CHCA
Emily Mendelson Springboro Junior High
Kaitlin O'Keefe All Saints
Kate Moran Chca
Scarlette Duncan Springboro Junior High
Emma Martesen Walnut Hills

Defenders Group 1

Mackenzie Higgins st susanna
Rachel Morgan Milford Jr. High
Ella Grimes Springboro
Camryn Harris saint columban
Charlotte Strouble Homeschool
Ella Anderson Mason Middle
Valeria Diaz Betancur St Susanna
Bella Madden SMOY
Kate Middleton Mason Middle
Sara Mapes St. Sue
Brookelyn Zeuch St. Sue
Livia Mahoney St Susanna
Rainey Weidman Saint Columban
Lucy Rudolph IHM
McKenna Manley St Margaret of York
Kate Moran Chca
Anna Mallaley chca
Sydney Sprada Brookville
Lauren Littlejohn CHCA
Sadie Jones Beechwood
Natalie Kraft CHCA

Attack Group 2

Bailey Hubbard MND
Claire Juffer CHCA
Ella Mazurek Springboro
Ella Mozeleski Springboro
Livia Hemmelgarn Springboro
Sydney Grebe Mason
Adeline Mueller UA
Dakota Spurrier IH
Julia Schaffeld East
London Perkins-Bronson West
Mialee Dabbelt Centerville
Elisabeth "Ibby" Kauffman Lebanon
Allison Barrick SMOY
Malia Brinkman Liberty Junior
Katie Gielas st columban
Katie Helmes Mason Middle 
Lindy Radaszewski St. Susanna
Lyla Schmitt Mother Teresa
Katie Beyke Loveland
Michaela Harris Mason Middle 
Tori Cravens St Susanna
Gabrielle Postell Mason Middle School
Rachel Quatman Springboro 
Lily Riegel (Injured) Van Buren MS
Natalie Miller Centerville

Defenders Group 2

Dakota Henry Kings
Kenzie Cogan MND
Cora Ludwick Lebanon
Meredith Shea MND
Kaitlyn Sharp Arcanum
Lauryn Smith East
Ava Wolfer MND
Molly Groeschen UA
Sydney Breissinger UA
Anna LaCalameto-training East
Abby Riehle UA
Erin Gonzalez UA
Sydney Grebe Mason
Ella Mazurek Springboro
Ella Mozeleski Springboro
Morgan Fitts Mason
Josie Giesting (Tuesdays) Badin
Sami Deideshimer Fenwick
Shaye Wolf MND

Attack Group 3

Elise Marchal Kings
Gabrielle Jones CJ
Katie Noschang MND
Leah Wiley UA
Payton Evans Mason
Sydney Barrett Kings
Audrey Armbruster Turpin
Campbell Robinson Milford
Gabrielle Razzano Mason
Mya White OH Lebanon
Ninah Miranda Lebanon
Sarah Newberry Badin
Maddie Pitzer UA
Maddie Waters Turpin
Natalie Dieball East
Nicole Sargent Centerville
Riley Wells Kings
Sydney Hamilton SUA

Setting Group 1

Any players seriously considering setting as a skill moving forward

Setting Group 2

Sophie Davis
Makenna Kirlin
Molly Smiddy
Emma Caddell
Averi Taylor
Megan Rogers
Sara Mapes
Emma Keller
Brookelyn Zeuch
Tori Cravens
Elizabeth Larkins
Katie Beyke
Scarlette Duncan
Jenna Mallaley
Kendall Hubbard

Setters Group 3

Lily Bolen
Charlie Meadoweal
Reagan Bricking
Kate Zazycki
Kaylie Withers
Audrey Armbruster
Lindsey Green
Bailey Jerdon
Bekah Klinedinst
Carmen Soloria
Caroline Hensley
Payton Evans
Ibby Kaufmann (1)