We are currently operating on 9:1 ratio, guaranteeing your daughter will get the focus and attention she needs to improve her game.

Teams in the 5th-12th grades will meet twice a week (9th-12th once in fall/winter/spring).  4th grade Training Teams practice once a week.  Practices are 1 hour and 50 minutes (1.5 hr in summer).  The tryout/evaluation day is your 1st practice.  Most practices will be just that, team practices with drills and team concepts being taught along side drills to improve skills.   "Skills days" are dedicated to a specific skill if it is identified as necessary for any of the teams.  There will be no league games or tournaments requiring travel, but there will be scrimmaging between the groups so we can work on team concepts.  It is an important function of this program that your daughter learn where to be on the court and why.  This can not be taught on the fly in a league.  We value the ability to "slow teach" team concepts at our practices so players can understand how everyone moves as a team.  If you are looking for league play, then this is not for you.  We run practices with coaches who know how to teach the sport, not stand on a sideline.  There will also be a plyometric/conditioning component in many practices.  We may include some sand volleyball conditioning days, if the weather permits.  Our personal trainers will also attend selected practices to run players through quickness/agility/power drills.