Serve, Pass, Attack Camp

Designed for Incoming 3rd/4th and 5th/6th grade girls
MOVED TO TUESDAY (8/4) -THURSDAY (8/6) 9:30-12 PM for $90
Originally, August 3rd - 6th from 9:30 - noon (Mon - Thur) for $120

Registrations before 5pm on 7/27 will be credited


This camp is exactly what it implies, skill work and reps on serving, passing, and attacking.  We will use short lectures describing proper techniques for serving, passing, hitting, and attacking.  This is followed by demonstrations from our high school and college helpers, in addition to a few players in attendance.  Then we will break out for drills and reps with respect to each girl's skill.  You will see a 1:8 coaching ratio at this camp.  This camp is for all younger players wanting to learn the proper way to master the 3 most common volleyball skills.  This camp is also a good way to get extra court time and some good reps before your GGCYS or CPYVL season starts.  We try to make camp move faster by building in games and challenges, but the over arching goal is to teach skills and form a solid volleyball base.  Minor scrimmaging will also take place but is not the focus of this camp.